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How many months does a non-stick coating last?

Baking trays and baking tins coated with a nonstick coating can be compared to a wheel for a car. It consists of a rim that lasts for many years and tyres that are worn and replaced many times during the lifetime of the rim. How many months does a car tyre last? It depends very much on the mileage. Your driving style also affects the service life as hard brakings, burn-outs and sharp turns wear extra hard on the tyre. The weight of the car, the nature of the road surface and the outside temperature are also factors that influence. If you drive over a sharp object, the service life can be very short indeed.

It is exactly the same with a nonstick coating. How many months does it last? It depends very much on how many times a day or week you bake on it. Other important factors are the oven temperature and the oven time, but also how much steam you use in the oven. The type of ingredients and various forms of mechanical wear are other important factors that affect the life span.

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